Concurrent RDP Patcher Enables Remote

Concurrent RDP Patcher

Enables Multi Remote Desktops in Windows Vista Win7 and Win 8

Step 1:

Go to Control Panel ►System ► Advanced System Settings ► click on the Remote tab.
or Pressing the WIN Key+ Pause/Break keys simultaneously, brings up the System window.

Select Users (other than Administrators), you want to give access to Multi Remote Desktop Connection

Step 2:

This tool enables the Remote Desktop Connection for Windows 7. This patcher also allows you to revert the changes back to the way it was by clicking the Unpatch button.

Windows 7 Concurrent RDP Patcher

Download This Patch Free from Here


Alternate for 32 and 64 Bit All Versions

For Windows 8

Windows 8 & 8.1 users please download the patched termsrv.dll file from here and edit the following registry keys at HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server.

Replace this file in C:\Windows\System32

Convert .BBB to IPD / CSV /ZIP Free -Manage Blackberry data

Blackberry Backup contents Import in Other Platforms.

You may wondering for converting your Blackberry backup, here are my research
results, summarized in 4 points only and most Importantly, I am presenting you all free tools.

Once you have CSV file, check the support format of your device and alter the CSV file accordingly for Easy and correct import.

1) BBB to IPD

Change the extension of the .BBB file to .Zip and extract it.
The folder named "databases" contain the .ipd file.

2) IPD to BBB

This is a tool ( that converts from .ipd to .bbb

3) BBB to CSV

Free tool for this conversion, Magic Berry is a simple tool that lets you manage data stored in BlackBerry backup files

4) IPD to CSV

This open source simple tool that will convert IPD to CSV.

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AVG LinkScanner® FREE

AVG LinkScanner® FREE
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Concurrent RDP Patcher Enables RemoteConvert .BBB to IPD / CSV /ZIP Free -Manage Blackberry dataAVG LiveKive® (Free Offline Version)AVG LinkScanner® FREE (Offline Installer) ~ Technology