XBOX 360 – Three Red Lights Death Repair guide

Reasons why this happens:

When Microsoft designed the 360, they chose a slightly unusual way of mounting the heat sinks to the processors. When the console is running, there is a tremendous amount of heat build up inside the case. This causes the motherboard to flex against the X-Clamp support plastic (see picture 1) which in turn can cause the soldered joints on the processors to come away from the motherboard itself. This results in the Red Lights of Death. Due to the inefficient design of the heat sink clamping method, this is a very large problem. Although Microsoft haven’t (as of yet) come up with a decent design fix. On the latest ‘Elite’ versions of the console they have used epoxy resin to ‘glue’ the corners of the processors down to stop the flexing that causes this error (see picture 2). Whether their fix will stand the test of time remains to be seen. What the modification contained in this manual achieves is to alleviate board flexing and apply uniform pressure to the processors. This uniform pressure is enough to ‘remake’ the faulty joints resulting in a working console. Also, because the pressure on the processors is uniform the heat sinks do a much better job of dissipating the heat build up.

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Nintendo Wii Accessories

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Classic Controller

The Classic Controller is needed to play some Virtual Console games. The thin, traditionally shaped peripheral plugs directly into the Wii Remote, and it combines the best features of the SNES and N64 controllers.


Play multiplayer games with an extra Nunchuk Controller.

Wii Remote

An extra Wii Remote allows for multiplayer fun.

Wii Zapper

The Wii Zapper unites your Wii Remote and Nunchuk (each sold separately) and brings you an experience like no other. Steer your character’s movement using the Control Stick on your Nunchuk as you zap your way to victory with your Wii Remote.

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