eTrust EZ Antivirus 7.1

Secure Your Computer form Threats and Worms

Unzip the downloaded file
You will have two files
Install by clicking "av71_en.exe"
Use other file for the key to enter in the installing setup

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VLC Media Player Portable 0.8.6a

Play your media anywhere

VLC Media Player Portable is the popular VLC media player packaged as a portable app, so you can take your media with you. It has all the same great features of VLC including support for a wide array of audio and video formats.

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Gaim Portable 2.0 Beta 5 (Multilingual)

Instant messaging made portable

Gaim Portable is the popular Gaim instant messaging client packaged with a Launcher, so you can chat on the go. It has all the same great features as Gaim including support for popular instant messaging networks (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc), message logging and more. Plus, it leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on, so you can take your im client and buddy list with you wherever you go.

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7-Zip Portable 4.42 Revision 2

The portable file archiver

7-Zip Portable is the lightweight 7-Zip file archiver packaged with a Launcher , so you can work with archived files from an iPod, USB flash drive, portable hard drive, CD or any other portable media. It has all the same great features as 7-Zip including support for multiple formats (7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS) and more

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Sumtra PDF Portable 0.6

PDFs to go

Sumtra PDF Portable is a lightweight PDF viewer so you can view PDFs on the go.

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WinRAR version 3.42

Compress All , A powerful tool

WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of the RAR archiver - a powerful tool which allows you to create, manage and control archive files. There are several versions of RAR, for a number of operating environments: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, DOS, OS/2, MacOS X.

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Real Estate & Mortgages

Real estate:

Real estate or immovable property is a legal term (in some jurisdictions) that encompasses land along with anything permanently affixed to the land, such as buildings. Real estate (immovable property) is often considered synonymous with real property (also sometimes called realty), in contrast with personal property (also sometimes called chattel or personalty). However, for technical purposes, some people prefer to distinguish real estate, referring to the land and fixtures themselves, from real property, referring to ownership rights over real estate.

The terms real estate and real property are used primarily in common law, while civil law jurisdictions refer instead to immovable property.

In law, the word real means relating to a thing (from Latin res, matter or thing), as distinguished from a person. Thus the law broadly distinguishes between [real property] (land and anything affixed to it) and [personal property] (everything else, e.g., clothing, furniture, money). The conceptual difference was between immovable property, which would transfer title along with the land, and movable property, which a person would retain title to. (The word is not derived from the notion of land having historically been "royal" property. The word royal — and its Castilian cognate real — come from the unrelated Latin word rex, meaning king.)

Mortgages in real estate

In recent years, many economists have recognized that the lack of effective real estate laws can be a significant barrier to investment in many developing countries. In most societies, rich or poor, a significant fraction of the total wealth is in the form of land and buildings. In most advanced economies, the main source of capital used by individuals and small companies to purchase and improve land and buildings is mortgage loans --bank loans for which the real property itself constitutes collateral. Banks are willing to make such loans at favorable rates in large part because, if the borrower does not make payments, the lender can foreclose by filing a court action that lets them take back the property and sell it to get their money back. But in many developing countries there is no effective means by which a lender could foreclose, so the mortgage loan industry, as such, either does not exist at all or is only available to members of privileged social classes.



- Download Kreon's hacked Firmware for Samsung SH-D162C drives -

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- Download the XBox Backup Creator -

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Go to your local PC-Store and get yourself a SAMSUNG SH-D162C DVD drive which should not cost more than 20 US$. After flashing the hacked Firmware by KREON you will be able to dump XBox360 games to your PC. These will get harder and harder to find as time goes on. If there is another drive you can use, it will be noted.

1) Flash SAMSUNG SH-D162C hacked Firmware:
- Make sure there is no CD/DVD inside of the drive!!!
- Start (doubleclick) sfdnwin.exe
- Select drive from pulldownmenu: TSSTcorpDVD-ROM SH-D162CTS04

- At the top left click "DOWNLOAD FILE OPEN"
- Select file: SH-D162C_TS04_XB360_KREON_V080.bin
- At the top left click "START DOWNLOAD" (button in the middle)

After successfully flashing the drive you will receive the message: "DOWNLOAD OK!! RESTART WINDOWS."

Now reboot your pc. You can now use the drive for making legal Xbox-360 Backups.

Follow instructions on extracting the SS and injecting it into the ISO image where needed. This text just shows you how to use a PC drive (modified) to make ISOs from it, rather than use an Xbox360 DVD drive (modded) to do it.


Use Xbox Backup Creator v2 Build 0100.

This new tool that will allow you to easily dump, create/patch and burn Xbox and Xbox 360 images with full support for SS, DMI and PFI using Xbox/Xbox360 drives with an (C4E/OPA) Xtreme SS-extracting FW, or with the SH-D162C PC-drive using Kreon's latest alternative FW (As described above).

Application Use:
It should be pretty straight forward to use! Read your disk then write it to a blank DVD+R DL. Since this application is not multi-threaded, please do not disturb it while it is writing! After inserting a disk it may take a few seconds for it to be recognized.

A computer that is NOT more than three years old.
You must use Windows XP, NT, or other that uses the NTFS File system, as > 4GB files are not supported with FAT16/32. XP with SP2 is preferred.
You must use +DL Media!
You must use a DVD Writer with Underrun Protection (because the program is not multi-threaded).
An Xbox 360 with Samsung TS-H943A with Xtreme compatible firmware, v1, v2 or v3.
An Xbox 360 Hitachi GDR-3120L with Xtreme compatible firmware with OPA v2.1 (Currently, the Hitachi GRD-3120L is not capable of viewing the game partition without a hardcoded firmware patch - N/A)
An Xbox (Original) with the Samsung SDG-605B with Xtreme 605b0800.bin firmware to dump the SS. (This drive is for making backups that run on the Xbox One)


1. Download DVD Decrypter
2. Run DVD Decrypter and open up your IMAGE.DVD file in Notepad.
3. In DVD Decrypter, using the menu list at the top, go to Tools then select Settings.

4. Go to the ISO Write Mode tab. On the right hand side you will see a section called Options. In there is a Layer Break category with two radio buttons. Select the second radio button, User Specified. Now, in the Sectors in L0 textbox enter the value that is located in the "IMAGE.DVD" file after the "LayerBreak=" text (open with notepad). Hit OK. [Because all 360 games need the layer break at the same location, you should only have to set this option once!].

5. In the IMAGE.DVD file, delete all the "LayerBreak=" text so you are only left with the IMAGE.000 text. Save the file as IMAGE_DVDDECRYPTER.DVD or whatever you choose and close Notepad.

6. In DVD Decrypter, select Write Mode (just hit W and it will go into Write Mode). Then open (File->Browse or click the little Browse icon underneath the Source section of the Write Dialog.) your IMAGE_DVDDECRYPTER.DVD file. [NOTE: If you get a "Invalid or unsupported image file format!" error when you load this file, it means your backup was made incorrectly!]

7. Hit the Burn button and there you go!

Note: If you are going to use DVD Decrypter to burn anything OTHER than 360 backups, then go back to Tools -> Settings and remember to change the Layer Break option on the ISO Write Mode tab BACK to "Calculate Optimal."



Click Here to Download

This is too complicated to type in as plain text. The link above has pictures and evertything you need to learn how to do this.



You need NME Associator:

Click Here to Download

To convert an Xtreme game image to an image for use with NME-360 modchip follow these easy steps:

Start NME aSSociat0r
Select the Xtreme ISO File
activate "Extract Security Sector from Xtreme ISO file"
This will extract the Security Sector from the Xtreme Image and merge it to the correct offset for
use with the NME-360 modchip.
The final GAME.ISO size must be 7.705.657.344 bytes (in KB it is 7.525.056).

Burn the ISO.

The Samsung chip only works with discs burned as DVD+R DL.
The Hitachi chip works with booktypes DVD-ROM and DVD+R DL.

Dragon speaker

The Dragon speakers turn on the current trend of eliminating speakers and instead embraces a central space in the room. Taking one leap away from the box shaped and the built in sound system the Dragon speakers ends up somewhere in the maximalistic area between luxury and kitsch. The idea with the project has been to join a classical sculptural shape with the modern look of the raw speaker elements and screws creating a new and intressting visual experience. The speakers are 32cm high and are made to fit in the bookshelf, by the tv, in the kitchen or may be for the small restaurant, bar or café.

Designer: Axelsson Design
Made in: Sweden

Media Player [Sven Adolph]

Advanced concept for a media player for home entertainment. The device calls for a prominent place in the home environment. It wants to be displayed instead of hidden away. The discs are loaded from the top. One can see a disc playing through the glass lid. The notion of playing music or a movie is celebrated as an event, somewhat reminiscent of an old-fashioned record player. The idea is to involve the user on a physical and emotional level, hence making the experience more meaningful.


Consumer start-up SoundCast Systems enlisted DD STUDIO’s expertise to differentiate its wireless music system from the competition’s generic black boxes. DD STUDIO responded with a yin/yang inspired white transmitter and black receiver to shake-up the wireless digital music scene.

The iCast™ + AudioCast™ target music entusiasts who demand a hassle-free,out-of-the-box experience. the harmonious components provide a strong visual brand language that immediatley connects with the consumer. The system’s sleek interface makes it plug-and-play fast and satisfyingly simple. After connecting the audio and power jacks, the system is up and running.

SoundCast will achieve significant brand awareness with its initial entry into the music accessory market. The well-designed product has attracted attention of many mainstream electronic stores who are stocking their prime shelf space with this one-of-a-kind device.


1. Supports DVD-video, DVD-Rom, DVD-R/RW, CD-DA, CD-Rom, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3, JPEG photo CD
2. All games supported at 16:9, 720p and 1080i, anti-aliasing
3. Customizable face plates to change appearance
4. 3 USB 2.0 ports
5. Support for 4 wireless controllers
6. Detachable 20GB drive
7. Wi-Fi a/b/g Ready (Missleading: Requries $99.99 XB360 WiFi USB Adapter For Wireless Use; no Built in WiFi)
8. Support for Four 2.4 Ghz XB360 or Compatible Wireless Controllers
9. Support for External Microsoft 20GB Hard Drive
10. Video Camera Ready

Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU
- 3 symmetrical cores at 3.2 GHz each (9.6Ghz Total) 1.0 TFLOPS
- 2 hardware threads per core
- 1 VMX-128 vector unit per core
- 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread
- 1 MB L2 cache

CPU Game Math Performance
- 9 billion dots production operations per second

Custom ATI Graphics Processor
- 500 MHz
- 10 MB embedded DRAM
- 48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines
- 48 billion shader operations per second
- Unified shader architecture
- 500 million triangles per second
- 16 gigasamples per second fillrate using 4X MSAA

"Ana" Chip
- For scaling HD Graphics. This allows upscaling all the way to 1080p.

- 512 MB GDDR3 RAM @ 700MHz

Memory Bandwidth
- 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
- 256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM
- 21.6 GB/s frontside bus

- Mulitchannel surround sond output
- Supports 48khz 16-bit audio
- 320 independent decompression channels
- 32 bit processing
- 256+ audio channels

- Front USB 2.0 (x2)
- Rear USB 2.0 (x1) - For Wireless Adapter
- Rear Eithernet Port
- Front Memory Card (x2)

- 12x Dual Layer Serial ATA DVD Rom Drive
- 20GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (Removable)
- 64MB Memory Card

Digital Media Support
- Stream media from portable music devices, digital cameras, Windows XP PCs
- Rip music to Xbox 360 hard drive
- Custom playlists in every game
- Windows Media Center Extender built in
- Interactive, full screen 3D visualizers


Well, what do you know, problems with the Xbod360 right out of the box on release day, who would have figured!

One red light flashes on the Ring of Light: Hardware failure. Restart the console. Contact Xbox Customer Service if the problem is not resolved. If the agent cannot help you resolve this issue, you will have to return the console to Microsoft for repair.

One red light flashes on the Ring of Light and you receive an error message: Hardware failure. Restart the console. Contact Xbox Customer Service if the problem is not resolved. If the agent cannot help you resolve this issue, you will have to return the console to Microsoft for repair.

Two red lights flash on the Ring of Light: This behavior occurs when the console is too hot. Power down for a while. Check sufficient ventilation. Verify the cooling fan is working. If the two lights continue to flash red after you tried the solutions, contact Xbox Customer Service. If the agent cannot help you resolve this issue, you will have to return the console to Microsoft for repair.

Three red lights flash on the Ring of Light: Hardware failure. Restart the console. Contact Xbox Customer Service if the problem is not resolved. If the agent cannot help you resolve this issue, you will have to return the console to Microsoft for repair.

Four lights flash red on the Ring of Light: The A/V cable is not correctly connected to the Xbox 360 console. The cable is not being detected by the console. Verify proper installation of the A/V Cable. This error will not occur if the cable is improperly plugged into a TV or VCR. Try another cable. If the four red lights continue to flash after you follow these troubleshooting steps, the Xbox 360 console may have to be repaired. Contact Xbox Customer Service.

If your Xbox360 is crashing a lot, like once every 20 minutes, take the power supply off the ground and suspended it in the air with something, maybe with string? Keep the vents away from the floor, and never set it on carpeting.

System crashes at Microsoft Game Studio Screen - ?
If the console won't boot after continued turning in and off: Unplug it for about 5 minutes then plug it back in and try again.

Error numbers I have seen:
57 - White Checkered Block patterns going horizontally across the screen - Overheating
64 - Comes up after the M$ Startup Screen - HDD Drive Issue? Remove and reconnect HDD.
65 -
66 - Dvd firmware does not match what was originally in the console's EEPROM. An attempt to curtail DVD firmware mods. Update the hacked firmware to fix.
71 - Dvd drive model number did not match what was originally in the console. This was a side effect of E66's purpose. If Microsoft did a warranty repair, and they substitiuted DVD drives, you may get this Error. They had it fixed within 24 hours.
73 -
74 - Hard Drive Issue? Remove HDD, and boot. If ok, then try with the HDD, if not, HDD is defective.
79 - Blocked Lines going vertical down screen - Overheating

In those HDD error cases, remove the HDD completely and boot without the HDD and see if you get the error.

Note [11/27/2005]:
If you played any of the STORE DEMO machines, you notice most are enclosed in plastic, and they seem to work ok, right? Well, those consoles are not running at full capacity, meaning 3.2Ghz each core. Those beta units, as some call them are only running at 2.3Ghz each core, or something to that effect. That significantly cuts down on heat, and power consumption putting less stress on the external power supply, and the unit itself. That is why none of those store demo units are demonstrating any of these problems. By all means, that unit being enclosed inside a "plastic bubble" should overheat within 15 minutes! They do not! Why is that? Well, you have a partial answer. That, or M$ made sure the demo units were the cream of the crop, leaving the release day units the sub-standard ones.

It is all seming to boin down (up rather) to heat problems. If you know someone whos Xbox360 is working, borrow their power supply and see how yours works. Removing the HDD as a remedy means that less current is being drawn from the power supply, which is why it now works, though it could be a bad HDD, but that is slimmer than the power supply being the culprit. There are two different power supplies, the plugs are slightly different, and is different shade of grey.

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